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Worker Members

Our expertise ranges from program design and management to data collection and interpretation.

SabineDietzSabine Dietz BA, MES, PhD
Biologist, Environmental & Climate Change Adaptation Consultant
Sabine is a conservation biologist and program manager. She has over 30 years experience in developing, managing and delivering programs in the area of ecosystem conservation, species and habitat inventories, environmental education, species at risk protection, sustainable tourism and climate change adaptation. Résumé

RCRoland Chiasson BSc, MES, BEd
Wildlife Biology & Environmental Education Consultant
Roland has worked for private and public sectors for over 30 years conducting ecological inventories, especially for birds, mammals and amphibians. He was the education and outreach manager at Cape Jourimain Nature Centre where he created a diverse environmental education program. He is well known for his innovative nature programs and for working with teachers and other non-profits group. (CV)

Eric Tusz-KingEric Tusz-King MAdEd, MTS
Sustainability and Co-operative Development Consultant
Eric is a co-operative developer that brings many years of experience assisting various types of new and existing co-ops and other non-profit organizations. From his previous role as manager of EnerGreen Builders Co-operative, a worker-owned home construction co-operative that builds passive solar homes, he brings his knowledge and experience of the energy efficiencies of various buildings from homes to churches.

Joy Banks

Mira Dietz Chiasson, Translation

Currently not active:

RemiDonelleRémi Donelle
Environmental Project Management  & Coastal Ecosystems Consultant
Rémi has been working with different environmental NGOs in Southeastern New Brunswick since 2004 as field technician and project manager. He has experience in all aspects of environmental projects, including gathering field data, data management, and report writing. He has expertise in coastal species at risk and ecosystems as well as water quality monitoring. (CV)

KatieFriarsKatie Friars BSc Hon
Environmental & Sustainability Consultant
Katie’s area of expertise is sustainable community planning through multi-sector engagement using the Natural Step model. In addition to her experience in environmental education, she has worked on ornithological surveys and in data analysis, and reporting. (CV)

Associate Members


Susan Dean (environmental education, editing)

Theo Popma (Environmantal Impact Assessments, wetland delineation)

Mathieu Caroll ()

Other Associate Members:

Amanda Hachey, Brian Branch, James Connop, Georgia Klein, Omer Chouinard,

NGO Members

  • New Brunswick Environmental Network is a communication network that links together over 100 non-profit environmental organizations.
  • EOS Eco Energy is a not-for-profit organization based out of Sackville working on energy, climate change, and sustainability in Tantramar.
  • Nature NB is a provincial charitable organization whose mission is to celebrate, conserve and protect New Brunswick’s natural heritage through education, networking and collaboration.
  • Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre compiles and provides objective data about biological diversity in Atlantic Canada, and we undertake fieldwork to further knowledge of the distribution and status of species and ecological communities of conservation concern.
  • Open Sky Co-operative provides home, skills programs, vocational assistance and community connections for adults who require supports to improve their quality of life.
  • La Bikery Co-operative is a community bicycle centre with a workshop space for bicycle maintenance and repairs.
  • Green Eye Co-operative