About Us

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Aster Group is a worker co-operative that delivers environmental consulting services at competitive prices. Our comprehensive range of services helps clients in the public and private sector work towards environmental, social and economic sustainability and to prepare for climate change.

When you hire the Aster Group you are investing in New Brunswick. You not only benefit from high-quality
consulting services but also contribute to our province’s sustainability in the following ways:

  • Our worker members are establishing a trust fund with profits from our consulting services. The fund will give New Brunswick non-profit groups access to alternate funding sources for environmental initiatives.
  • UPDATED in 2021: The Aster Foundation has been incorporated as a charitable foundation, and information can be found here: Aster Foundation
  • We aim at providing training, mentoring and capacity-building programs for our worker members – particularly youth entering the workforce. We create employment that will help sustain our communities and our environment.
  • We offer our non-profit organization members cost-shared support services. At this time this includes translation and the use of an Electric Vehicle.
  • We provide quality work-life and support the development of healthy and sustainable local economies, based on co-operative principles.

Aster Group members have extensive experience working with all levels of government and NGOs. Our expertise can help you create a positive relationship with the environment and meet your organization’s sustainability goals. Contact us today.